Abroad Search Tips and Unexpected Opportunities

If you are planning on studying abroad in college, you have made the best and most rewarding decision in your life; if you aren’t, please reconsider. College is a time for experimenting, travelling, meeting new people, broadening your horizon and becoming your own person. Going abroad is just one of the many opportunities that helps you develop into your own person, experience a new part of the world and create a more memorable college experience. If you love to travel and experience new cultures, going abroad is a perfect experience to add to your college bucket list. There are so many abroad programs out there that you can be sure to find one that best fits your criteria.

Abroad Fairs

Abroad fairs are a perfect place to start to get a general idea of the types of programs that exist. Different programs offer locations all over the globe, all times of the year, and with different curriculums. By going to a fair, there are different stations in which you can get immediate assistance with answering all of you questions and concerns. Since the people at each table are experts on their program, you won’t be misled whereas by reading a random review you might be. The stations are there for you to get the accurate information about the programs that you are interested or may be interested in. These fairs will also inform you about different abroad opportunities that you never knew existed.

Unique Abroad Programs

Without having gone to an abroad fair, I wouldn’t have known about many of the possibilities. Each abroad program through different colleges is unique, so a trip to London could be a completely different experience for one person than another through different programs.

Sea Semester

One fascinating program that I learned about through my school’s abroad fair is the Sea Semester program. Through this program, up to 25 students sail on a 12 week trip through the open ocean stopping occasionally to explore different islands and cities along the way. By the end of this 12 week experience, you will be an expert in running the ship. Over that time frame, you will shadow different crew members and learn how to do their respective jobs some of which include steering the ship and cooking the meals. The students will eat, sleep, and attend all of their classes on the ship. If you are a science major, all of you labs will be executed on the bottom level of this sail boat. All of the credits from these classes and labs can be transferred and applied to your respective college.

This abroad program is friendly for students of all majors. Although the science program is the most popular, business, nursing, arts, and engineering programs are also well-attended. Students on these ships will be involved in helping to solve local long-term issues. For example, as a biology major, you might be involved in helping to conserve the unstable marine environment. Or for a business major, you would need to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world when working on a project to help local shop owners boost their businesses. You would also learn about how tourism runs the economy in many locations and how to keep the culture alive in these locations while helping the business owners succeed.

If you are interested in this unique abroad program, go to http://www.sea.edu/ for more information. If this program does not interest you, and you would rather have a more traditional abroad experience, check out http://www.studyabroad.com/ to search for programs that meet your needs. Good luck and safe travels!


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